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  1. Our Mission

    "free art freestyle​"

    is to provide audiences and artists a safe place to explore, experience, and emote without fear or judgment.
    ​And the freedom to not have to make a choice between affording groceries or attending the theatre… our shows are always FREE.

    The Promise of Asylum
    100% free admission
    100% of our performances​​

    "Asylum is a safe place for the imagination to go crazy!"

  2. 3 Crazy Ladies, Inc.

    Asylum is fiscally sponsored by

    a non-profit arts organization with the mission of creating art while giving back to the greater community – thus generating authentic social change. We are proud to have partnered with both artistic and charitable ventures for over ten years! We connect with many groups who share our vision and commitment. Because of you, we all continue to grow and thrive.

    Asylum's partners believe that art is priceless, that artists should have every opportunity to create in a safe place; but the resources to create theatre art for our community has a price. Your financial support allows us to continue to provide free admission public theatre without compromising value of participating artists.

    Your gift is tax deductible thanks to 3 Crazy Ladies, Inc. Donate today and support public theatre! 



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  3. Recent Developments!

    looking ahead

    Asylum Theatre is thrilled to announce our participation in an international Commedia Dell'Arte production in 2019, spearheaded by Stickyback Theatre Company in London, England.

    Asylum will be joining commedia performers around the world - Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Turkey, Netherlands, Italy, and more - to create a project connecting our countries and cultures through the magic of theatre, and specifically, Commedia Dell'Arte. Stay tuned for more details…

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Asylum Theatre is proud...

to say that we have adopted the code of conduct documents provided by Not In Our House (NIOH) and adapted the Chicago Theatre Standards document to create the Minnesota Theatre Standards. You may read the Minnesota Theatre Standards here. We value our audiences and artists and our mission is to be a safe place for all.